Call us in advance of signing your new lease to check what Broadband services and telephone numbers are available at your potential new address including advice on taking your existing number with you. As your business changes shape it has never been more important to cut costs whilst at the same time looking at ways of using the telephone and Internet as a cost-effective way of doing business.

We are experts in all aspects of business Telecoms, IT Networking and we will work with you to create the right solution. Whether you are consolidating or expanding we can look at what you have in place and suggest ways of maximising your existing investment once we have gained an understanding of your needs. We can, for example, include a number of IT technologies that will add business value including hosted Voice over Internet (VoIP), remote workers and linking offices together to act as one. As your top provider Wholesale Partner we can seamlessly move your line and broadband rental from their Retail billing platform to their Wholesale billing platform, therefore having identical lines and service whilst benefiting from reduced line rental rates.

If you are a sole trader and working from home we can provide you a virtual landline number that route through to your mobile so you don’t need a separate landline, there are no call divert charges and you will never miss another important customer call.

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