When you’re running a small or medium business, time is precious. You want the best in office, retail or short-term Event Connectivity, but you happen to be situated in a location with no high speed Internet access. We can provide what it takes to get your business up and running fast.

Businesses need fast reliable Internet connectivity that runs effectively regardless of the number of users, available bandwidth and their location. However, when your business or marketing event located in an area with no Fibre Broadband and you have only access to slow standard ADSL broadband, this would slow down your business productivity and ultimately adversely affects your bottom line. We can provide you with alternatives, either as a temporary solution, for an event venue or while you are waiting for your Leased Line to be installed, or if your budget and/or your business usages can’t not justify the cost of Fibre Leased Lines and you are looking for a permanent solution.

What we offer

  • Short Term Fibre grade access to Internet via Wireless Microwave link that can provide a fast, flexible, scalable and resilient connection at up to 100Mb, symmetric (100Mb up and down) with no contention, low latency and 99.95% SLAs.

  • 4G Mobile Broadband with unlimited data at speeds of up to 70Mb down and 30Mb up

    Fully integrated with a business grade Router and your internal computer/server network.

  • Satellite Internet with high-speed Internet access throughout the United Kingdom

    Suitable for the rural areas not served by any land networks. It comes with a satellite dish and a business grade router for high level of reliability, quality, safety and access availability.

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