Cloud Based VoIP is revolutionising the way companies handle their voice calls. Kingston Telecom Solutions hosted telephony is dedicated to highest level of system availability and reliability for mission critical business requirements

Voice communication is undergoing a massive change and it no longer matters if you work in a typical office environment, or across a variety of national or international locations. Businesses are demanding more integrated services that requires no capital investment, no on-site PBX to manage and a scalable platform that can adapt to ongoing business changes on the fly. This is our ultimate Cloud based Hosted IP Voice Service, removing need for multiple phone lines, costly in-house technical expertise and potential impact of disasters at end user’s premises.

What we offer

  • Cheaper UK landline, Mobile and international calls plus free internal/inter-site calls.

    Fully scalable, pay as you grow service and the flexibility to quickly upgrade facilities when required, including adding handsets without a need for a new telephone line.

  • A single Broadband or Leased line can handle multiple concurrent inbound and outbound Voice calls.

    Home and remote workers can pick up and manage calls anywhere as if they were in the office using existing local number.

  • Lower set-up and rental costs than ISDN , plus no need for an expensive PBX system.

    Integration into CRM systems, Microsoft Outlook and web browsers.

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