Cloud & Software based Microsoft Office Applications allow you to work anywhere, anytime, on any device including Apple Mac, IOS and Android.

With Office 365, it’s not just about working in the cloud. It’s about working in the cloud intelligently. Now, it’s even easier to create, share, and work together from any location, on any device. It’s the Office apps you know and love, plus a complete range of new features designed to maximise your business productivity.

What we offer

  • Business-class Email & Exchange

    Microsoft business email and calendaring products in partnership with Kingston Telecom Solutions  hosted exchange platform allows you to sync emails, calendars and contact information and scheduling across your devices in real time, And if you replace or switch your PC or your phone, you can download your folders or wipe it clean for security.

  • Run your favourite Office applications from anywhere

    Office 365 gives you the familiar, always up-to-date applications you know on your favourite device. Bring out your best writing with Word, create or view spreadsheets with Excel or take your presentations to the next level and collaborate with anyone, anywhere in real time.

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