MPLS and VPLS are both effective solutions for establishing network connections between Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in geographically distributed locations. We carry out a detailed analysis of your Business requirements to choose one solution over another based on your unique situation.

Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a method of getting packets of data in Wide Area Network to where they’re supposed to go, by wrapping them in one or more labels, then forwarding them based on those labels (rather than their content).

The information contained in the label can be any type of data, but typically it would be IP packets and Ethernet frames containing Data, Voice or Video.

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) allows multiple sites to be joined together as though they were on the same LAN – your Birmingham, Manchester or Leeds offices can be as easy to connect into your LAN in your London office as the three PCs in the next room.

How to tell if MPLS is relevant to your business

MPLS is probably IRRELEVANT if:

  • You only have one office, with no ‘back up’ data connection.

  • Your only use your connections for one type of traffic (e.g. web surfing, with no site-to-site connectivity, no VoIP Video Streaming).

  • Your main offices are connected solely via contended ADSL.

MPLS is probably RELEVANT if any of the following hold true:

  • You have (or plan to have) three or more offices networked together.

  • You have one or more VPNs, or plan to do so.

  • You use VoIP (Voice over IP), Video Conferencing, or plan to do so.

  • WAN/Internet Access/Telephony downtime would cost you lots of money in terms of lost employee productivity.

  • You already pay for a few dedicated connections such as leased lines for internet access, ISDN trunks for your phone calls and/or site-to-site connections to link your offices together.

What we offer

  • In depth consultancy and analysis of your requirements in order to pick the right solution tailored to your business.

    Oversee the design, deployment and tests of either MPLS or VPLS network interconnection.

    24×7 support line and priority time to fix services.

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