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Disasters are inevitable but mostly unpredictable, and they vary in type and magnitude. The causes can be natural or human or mechanical in origin, ranging from ransomware attack to events such as a tiny hardware or software component’s malfunctioning to events such as earthquakes, explosion, theft, fire, and flood. Effects of disasters range from small interruptions to total business shutdown for days or months, even fatal damage to the business. The risks to business continuity include Data & Telecoms systems and network, shared Servers, Virus, Data backup/Storage systems, Software applications and bugs

The best strategy is to have some kind of disaster recovery plan in place, to return to normal after the disaster has struck.

What we offer

  • Prepare a Major Incident Management and Recovery Plan

    We identify and analyse Disaster Risks/Threats that can impact your business operations and create an IT & Telecoms recovery plan for your business.

    IT Disaster Restore Operation

    Should the worst happen, we activate recovery phase operations when the disaster has subsided and the IT system environment has stabilised. The activities of this phase focus on bringing up the IT & Telecoms systems back to their normal operational status for resumption of business activities.

  • Prevention Better than Cure

    We identify and recommend a series of preventative strategies and actions to reduce the risks of IT disasters happening in the first place.

    Quick Recovery and No Ransom Required

    With our backup and recovery solutions all your data is encrypted and stored in the cloud preventing ransomware from accessing it. We restore the most recent and clean copy over the previous 30-day period.

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