Kingston Telecom Phone Calls and Lines

We can provide business lines, phones and call packages that are tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of your business, whatever its size today or tomorrow - click here to contact us now.

Superb rates and reliable lines

Phone lines and the National, Mobile and International calls made over them are the most basic of the services we offer, but for many companies buying the right package is a critical decision, For your peace of mind our services run over the same physical networks that the UK market leaders use such as BT Business and Virgin Media Business but on average at 20% less cost to our customers.

Phone calls and lines

Line Rental and Calls:

When you ask us to take over your existing line (or provide a new one) we sign you up with BT Wholesale or Virgin Media Business service distributor. We offer attractive discounts on existing and new phone lines of all types, with excellent call rates, typically 20 to 30% less than retail rates. Everything else stays the same, including your telephone number and the utilisation of the same engineering force for installation and repairs. We can also provide standard exchange lines, ISDN2 lines and ISDN30 lines.

Business Phone Systems

We offer an unrivalled selection of world leading brands of digital phone systems, PBXs and VoIP handsets to our customers. Our portfolio includes Polycom, Cisco, NEC, Panasonic, Avaya Samsung, Mitel and Siemens. Our expertise allows our customer to perform in most vertical markets with the right products at competitive prices.

Support services

Kingston Telecom Solutions offers a range of support levels for voice and data lines and networks. Our packages ensure you receive the appropriate level of performance and continuity from your communications.

For example, for phone lines you can choose from: