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Save yourself and your company hundreds of pounds with our business Mobile phone contracts.

From SIM cards to Smartphones, Tablets, Accessories to Single and Shared Business Tariffs on 3G & 4G Mobile networks - click here to contact us now.

Why choose Kingston Telecom for your Mobile requirements?

There are hundreds of tariffs available from main networks in the UK leading to thousands of possible permutations, so no wonder most people find the whole subject confusing and often treat mobiles as an isolated commodity rather than an integrated part of their business communications strategy. Despite the networks' hype and the lure of 'free' mobiles, the reality is that very few things in life are free and customer will often pay for their 'free' handsets multiple times over and not make best use of their tariffs.

Going forward, the new 4G products offer superfast internet for use with smart-phones, tablets and laptops with speeds up to five times faster than currently available on 3G. Fibre Broadband services offering speeds typically ten times those of standard broadband will also be available.

At Kingston Telecom we have the ability and experience to burn through the fog; to offer you the best possible integrated approach to using mobiles in a way that adds value to your business. We take the jargon and the mystery away to ensure you know what you are getting and why. We also have the ability to offer a holistic approach to total telecommunications, so that you benefit from 'joined-up thinking'.

Pocket Landline enables you to have both your Landline and Mobile numbers on a single SIM card in your Mobile device!


A local landline number says so much to your customers. It tells them you're established. It's reassuring and looks professional. But it's no good if you're not there to take their call.

With Pocket Landline you can choose a local landline number - your current one or a new one - which rings straight through to your mobile. That not only means you'll make more business opportunities, but also that you'll never miss them either.

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What do we offer?

Our solutions are based on major UK networks which enable us to offer a Best for Mobile Business tariffs, with free calls on the same networks, seamless Mobile & Landline integration and a selection of Mobile Bundled tariffs to suit most business needs. We also offer a range of handsets, insurance, leasing, Mobile accessories and support to ensure that you don't just get the best deal available but also receive the best care.

At Kingston Telecom we appreciate that mobile is not your core business which is why we will analyse your bill using the Tariff Match service meaning you get a full report on the best option for you.

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