Kingston Telecom IT Services

IT Services from Kingston Telecom

Unlike other telecom service providers, we don't claim to be the jack of all trades and stick to what we do best, offering the best telephone and communication services and products available.

However, we do realise that high quality IT services can substantially enhance operational efficiency and in order to offer this to our clients, we have carefully selected IT service providers who have consistently shown high levels of quality and care in offering their services to our clients. Working with these partners allows us to offer the following IT services to our clients with the knowledge that they are receiving enterprise quality services at an affordable SME price.

IT services on offer can be grouped in the following two categories:

1. Infrastructure design, implementation and commission

These services include computer network design, network cabling and connectivity, server and workstation specifications, hardware virtualisation services, wireless communications, network and information security and implementation and commissioning of simple and multi-layered networks. Working with partners who have in-house expertise in world leading technologies from Microsoft, Dell, HP, VMware and Cisco means we can offer the best of the bread to our clients and help them maximise returns from any investment in IT infrastructure.

2. Hosted, Cloud and Data Centre Services

These services include the design and implementation of enterprise level Hosted Exchange including email filtering and sanitisation services, Hosted SharePoint as well as online backup and private Cloud workspace , Hosted Database and Application services, Cloud IT management services, server col-location and dedicated server and website hosting services with failover guarantees ensuring client website are online 24x7x365.

Please contact us for a no-obligation telephone or face to face conversation about your IT needs.


SME in single location

Single LocationWhen you're running a small or medium business, time is precious. You want the best in office or retail Telecoms, minus the hassle of dealing with big Telecom providers. We can provide what it takes to get your business up and running fast.

SME moving premises

Moving PremisesWe understand where you're going and try to find practical solutions that'll help you get there quickly improve your Telecom facilities and keep your business critical numbers without paying for expensive call forwarding type services.

SME in multiple locations

Multiple LocationsFast growing businesses with several branches poses special challenges. You not only have all the pressures that come with growth, but also the obstacles posed by geographically expanding. Trust us to deliver a seamless solution.